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A Day in the Life of a Working Student

We start at 6:30 or 7am based on the heat, with feed, hay and water the horses, turn out, bring in from paddocks, then clean stalls.

Riding also starts early in the summer and it is a priority to get the horses worked before it gets too hot. There are at least 8 horses to be groomed and worked each day

Working students ride before lunch if possible – again to get the horses done before the hottest part of the day. We have a horse you can ride on a regular basis and you will get lessons about 4x a week.

We feed at 4pm at night, do clean-up barn chores, and make sure all tack is clean and put away. Night check is done between 8-9pm – check water, throw hay, turn off fans, make sure everyone is doing ok

The work week is 6 days. Housing is is available. We strive to have a barn manager and a working student along with a rider, and many tasks are shared!

We do NOT do bad attitude, snarkiness, or any mean-girl behavior. We are supportive of each other, we work as a team, and we do a lot of business discussions about how to make a farm actually able to pay its bills. This is geared as a resume-building position and you will leave here with a solid letter of recommendation pertaining to business skills and responsibility level. We are zero-tolerance on illegal substances, no guests are permitted in the shared apartment.

Clothing is shorts, jeans, t-shirts, paddock/work boots, sneakers. Bring riding clothes and your helmet. We cook out and do social things together, but you can have as much freedom as you want.  We do yoga as a team every Weds night and you are welcome to join if you wish 😊

We have very nice horses and we keep them at an Olympic level. We are careful with them and about our own safety. Many working students have gone from this program to programs overseas and with upper level event and jumping riders.

We would love for you to come for any duration that may be interesting, and we are hopeful that you will consider it 😊


-Bob and Katherine